Network Simulator

NS2 is discrete event simulator used to simulate real time network traffic and topology for analysis. For researcher it is proven to be great tool. NS2 has been developed in C++ and TCL. Otcl which is object oriented TCL, also used in NS2. For simulation purpose TCL programming is used and for adding new module C++ is used. This tutorial is targeted for students who wants to learn NS2 but don't have much knowledge.

  1. TCL Programming
  2. OTcl Programming
  3. NS2 Commands

NS2 Lessons: Learn NS2 online!

If you prefer video guidance check out our collection of ns2 video tutorials!

1. NS2 Installation

2. Run Simulation

3. AODV Routing Algorithm

4. DSDV Routing Algorithm

5. DSR Routing Algorithm

6. OLSR Routing Algorithm

7. LAR Routing Algorithm

8. Black Hole Attack

9. Grey Hole Attack

10. Hidden terminal Problem

11. NS2 RTS-CTS Mechanism