Ambient Intelligence

Ambient Intelligence Era

A tool for comfort and convenience


Ambient Intelligence is a modern day technology that is meant for ease of ‘usage of technology’ for all categories of human being. This brach of technology is loosely connect with areas like Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), User Interaction (UI), User Experience (UX) and many such. However, Ambient Intelligence is much more beyond these. The core principle of AmI is “Increasing the potential of user interaction not just by understanding the user but by using intelligent modelling of user behaviour for better interfacing & interaction”. Over the years the technology has taken a leap from rockets and space missions to the user’s door step. Hence, Ambient Intelligence can be defined as “an idea through which sophisticated high-end technology is catalysed in addressing everyday needs of human life, barring strength from behavioural intelligence”.

Ambient Intelligence: A Boon for Modern Society

During the course of development, technology has spread its wings so high, that it can only be applied and used by technocrats for so called ‘rocket science’. However, certain humane minds have developed and synthesised a novel idea of transfusing technological advancements from different fields of sciences. This ideology, with a motivation to assist commoner for a better/smart living; is shaped into a field of study termed as Ambient Intelligence.

AmI consists of the following aspects, but not limited to:

  1. Interaction: Understanding needs of human
  2. Ubiquity: Interfacing with the environment
  3. Intelligence: Modelling feasible & efficient solution

Through AmI interaction between human being and environment has been made possible in a most smart and human way possible, no much qualitative and complete applications of greater usability are not yet available for the users. The only reason behind such usability success is involvement of vast number of fields of science & technology and co-operation among them. In the following Figure 1, various fields of science & technology that are associated in the context of smart technologies and widely involved in the research & development activities of Ambient Intelligence are shown.


                 Figure 1: Smart Living & Intelligence aspects that are spun around it












Applications of AmI:

Various applications of AmI has came into existence with the increase in wing span of smart technologies [1] .