Participation Procedure


Registration for this event is over.


In this round you will face questions based of basics of computers, problem solving and finding solutions. From all participants, 50% will be selected for level-2.


This level test your algorithm development skill. Top 20 students will be selected for final round.


This level test your how efficient is your solution for a given problem. Your solution to problem will be judged on the criteria of efficiency and time.


This is an open invitation for all 1st year students to be part of an exuberating algorithms event presented by Department of computer science and engineering of Sharda University.

Participation Certificate

All participants will get event participation certificate.

No Programming Language

No programming langauge knowledge is required. If you think you are good problem solver then this event is for you.

Exciting Prizes

Winners will get Exciting prizes.

Minimal Registration Fee

Registration fee for this event is only 50 Rs.

Glimpse of ALGORHYTHM-2015


1st - Abhishek Mishra 2015017153

2nd - Sumit Kumar 2015012271

3rd - Hemant Singh 2015013950


Download Problem set of ALGORHYTHM-2015


In ALGORHYTHM-2015 240+ students participated, Out of which 94 students cleared level-1. In level-2 22 students got qualified.

Algorhythm team

Faculty and Student coordinator for Algorhythm-2015, who made that event successful.

1st Prize

Abhishek Mishra

2nd Prize

Sumit Kumar

3rd Prize

Hemant Singh

Important Dates

  • 15 Oct 2016 - Registration

    Registrations are over.

  • 18 Oct 2016 - Level-1

    Level-1 will be conducted on 18 october. Seating schedule will be notified on the same day itself.

  • 21 Oct 2016 - Level-2

    Level-2 will be conducted on 21 october. Students who qualify level-1 will enter in level-2.

  • Level-3

    Date will be announced soon.


    Our amazing team of ALGORHYTHM.

    Dr. Kiran Kumar


    Mr. Pushpendra Kumar


    Mr. Amit Kumar


    Mr. Ompal Singh


    Student Coordinators

    SHUBHAM RAI: +91-7859878908

    SHUBHAM MALIK: +91-9654334984

    SAAD BIN TARIQUE : +91-9717452795

    ZEESHAN AL ABEDIN : +91-9891154325

    HEMANT S. BISHTH : +91-9871444297

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