How to code Influence maximization problem in Python

Our decisions on buying some new product, following a trends are usually influenced by our friends and family. This forms the basis for incorporating social structures into consideration while planning a marketing policy. In this regard, marketing people highly interested to know which person hold the strongest influence in their society. So if somehow those people can be convinced for initial activation ( buying new product, following a trend or opinion) would trigger maximum influence spread in the society.

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Perl Script for calculating throughput, latency, delay, jitter, delivery ratio for ns2 Trace file

NS2 is discrete event simulator used to simulate real time network traffic and topology for analysis. For researcher it is proven to be great tool. NS2 has been developed in C++ and TCL. Otcl which is object oriented TCL, also used in NS2. For simulation purpose TCL programming is used and for adding new module C++ is used. Perl script can be used to easily analyze ns2 trace files.

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How to create Pearson correlation coefficient matrix

correlation matrix
Pearson Correlation Matrix

In Statistics, Pearson correlation coefficient is widely used to find out relationship among random variables. In this tutorial, we will learn to create a correlation matrix and represents using heat matrix.

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Linear and Polynomial Regression in Python

Linear regression is the problem where a model(line) is built with available data and then learnt model is used to predict target value for future data. This is the most basic type of statistical method used for predictive analysis. In other words, it can be understood as finding a relationship between target value and the attributes of input data.The best model is where we get minimum error between predicted and actual values.

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