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Ambient Intelligence is a modern day technology that is meant for ease of ‘usage of technology’ for all categories of human being. This brach of technology is loosely connect with areas like Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), User Interaction (UI), User Experience (UX) and many such. However, Ambient Intelligence is much more beyond these. The core principle of AmI is “Increasing the potential of user interaction not just by understanding the user but by using intelligent modelling of user behaviour for better interfacing & interaction”. Over the years the technology has taken a leap from rockets and space missions to the user’s door step. Hence, Ambient Intelligence can be defined as “an idea through which sophisticated high-end technology is catalysed in addressing everyday needs of human life, barring strength from behavioural intelligence”.

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Basic introduction to tweey library – Twitter analysis using Python

Twitter is an online social networking site where users can post their messages and interact with their friends.
In this tutorial, we will learn how to perform basic task i.e. fetching friend’s list from twitter network, retrieving tweets, status. First step in this direction is to create a twitter app which will provide key and token. This tutorial assumes that you have obtained your key and token information already. In this tutorial, we will use tweepy python library which is wrapper for twiter REST api.

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How to code Influence maximization problem in Python

Our decisions on buying some new product, following a trends are usually influenced by our friends and family. This forms the basis for incorporating social structures into consideration while planning a marketing policy. In this regard, marketing people highly interested to know which person hold the strongest influence in their society. So if somehow those people can be convinced for initial activation ( buying new product, following a trend or opinion) would trigger maximum influence spread in the society.

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